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Bermuda News Weather Property Rentals Jobs Reviews Social
January 17, 2019

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We want to develop a Network of vendors, agents and independent business orders throughout the planet. Ummahprise plans to do this by utilizing the concepts of Network Marketing, Franchising, and Partnership. Through our network, Muslims will be able to get training at our home office in Bermuda in Islamic Trade, Travel and Tourism.
Training will also be available online and all the Ummahprise agents will be certified. We plan to develop the only certification for Islamic Travel in the World. We also plan to work with Leading Islamic Universities to design graduate and post-graduate programs in Islamic International Business with emphasis in Trade, Travel and/or Tourism. Our network will not simply be congenial. Our network will be credible.
You can become a part of our network today by emailing our president Shareef bin Alfred at
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